Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA)

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New intranet portal & custom reporting are game changers

Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) is a national group-purchasing organization that buys products for high-end home electronics retailers. It’s also the leading technology trade consortium for exclusive access to live education experiences, technologies, vendors, and industry events.

With members designing high-performance technology systems, our client needed a level of digital capabilities to match.

Client Details
Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA)
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Custom data-sharing solution takes client to the next level

HTSA needed a portal that allowed clients to upload sales numbers and to automatically forward the data to vendors – safely and securely. This would also expedite the process of receiving rebates and discounts. A partner familiar with our specialty in building custom applications made the introduction, and the rest is history.

HTSA mobile mockup


Despite its important role in technology, the client was stuck with an old-school information delivery system that failed to deliver the benefits and growth opportunities its members deserved. A brand new system was necessary to support its clients that would also enable them to make group purchases.


Connections Marketing’s solutions took HTSA’s data-sharing capabilities to the next level. A new intranet portal and custom reporting system enabled the organization to send information to vendors seamlessly and securely.

The platform helped retain members by making it easier to manage relationships with their vendors. Another major benefit has been freeing up time to focus on other tasks. The client can access and upgrade the system whenever they see fit.

Intranet portal
Custom reporting
SSO solution

Intranet portal

Connections Marketing designed a private, secure network capable of handling the client’s growing membership. The portal gives members a safe forum online for sharing information with manufacturers and one another. This system gives them a way to collect sales data and report member performance.

Custom reporting

Since the client tracks member sales with participating manufacturers, we built a sales reporting tool that allows manufacturers to upload sales data for HTSA members. This custom-designed tool gives the client a more intelligent and visually appealing way to dice and pivot their data.

SSO solution

Connections Marketing created a custom SSO (Single Sign-On) solution to connect the different elements of the client’s new information-sharing system. This improved security while making signing on simpler for clients.

HTSA responsive mockup

Thoughts on this project

Rick Rivero
Vice President Sales and Marketing at Connections Marketing
“Clients loved the platform we built for them and it is still in use today.”

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