Community Financial Service Centers (CFSC)

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Community Financial Service Centers (CFSC)

Project Details

How our marketing campaign rebranded a banking alternative

Community Financial Service Center (CFSC) offers an alternative to banking with a broad array of financial services like check cashing for individuals and businesses. Its services are tailored to each unique location and the community’s needs. Customers value the business for its extended hours, convenient services, and neighborhood vibe.

Having worked with Connections Marketing before, they turned to us for help.

Client Details
Community Financial Service Centers (CFSC)
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CFSC - Community Financial Service Centers

Seeking: A rebrand that builds online traffic

To live up to its promise of handling clients’ needs with ease, CFSC needed to be more visible and easy to locate online. A limited, static website didn’t do the brand justice, let alone help it grow. It needed a rebranding to convey its most valuable qualities: trustworthiness and accessibility.

CFSC mobile mockup


Connections Marketing faced a unique challenge: help this third-generation, family-owned business distinguish itself from traditional banking while conveying feelings of security and trust. Check cashing services have gotten a bad rap in the past. The brand needed to appear welcoming, down-to-earth, and family-oriented.


We injected new life into the brand with an inviting redesign and useful content to match. The user-friendly format now allows consumers to interact with approximately 175 locations nationwide from any device. An influx of relevant content continues to infuse the brand with the personality that had been lacking.

Cha-ching. Now the website ranks well thanks to stronger interest and a more locatable presence.

A thorough rebrand
Marketing metrics
Personalized custom content

A thorough rebrand

We revamped the client’s online brand and designed its social media to match. The company immediately resonated better with its target audience, causing organic traffic to double soon after.

Marketing metrics

Running targeted campaigns on Google and Facebook is leading to increased foot traffic. What’s more, the client’s continuous high-volume keyword ranking shows improvements in each of its regions.

Personalized custom content

Connections Marketing created additional, concisely written service pages to help ensure that all of the products offered are familiar to the general public. Monthly blogging gives voice to the brand and reinforces its messaging.

CFSC responsive mockup

Thoughts on this project

CFSC - Community Financial Service Centers
Gina Palumbo
Director of Marketing at CFSC
"Rick and his team are so great to work with. Their ideas are fresh and right on target to help me market my company in new ways with positive results. Every project is completed timely and with enthusiasm - they definitely are "all in" to make our efforts a combined success! Would recommend to anyone looking for forward-thinking, happy agency!"

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