Certification Renewals: Why Ongoing Training Can Help Your Bottom Line

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Written by: Connections Marketing

We’re all experts in something, but how do we prove to clients we have the right specialities to address their needs? Certification renewals are a good place to start.

A lot can happen in a year, which is why digital marketing firms and individual marketers alike should renew their certifications annually. Currently, Google’s renewal courses are emphasizing the use of AI-powered tools aimed at improving search ad results, a key area of knowledge for anyone in advertising. It’s easy to put off with so much going on, but investing in the renewal process will keep you from falling behind the competition.

Whether you’re small or quickly expanding, active certifications signal to people that you have the expertise they want.

Renewal Certification Courses Demonstrate Expertise That Attracts Repeat Customers

As new technology arises, marketers and advertisers need to adapt. Certification renewals benefit brands for a number of reasons. Proper certification doesn’t just show that you know your stuff and have desirable skills, but it demonstrates your team can adapt in a fast-changing marketing environment.

And that’s just what clients are seeking – a partner with:

  1. The most current knowledge of brand advertising
  2. Advanced digital tools at their disposal
  3. A proven ability to employ them for each individual client

Having the most relevant training provides the ability to boost your bottom line with repeat business. And with so many online certification programs available, there is no reason for marketers not to take every advantage of them.

Certification Renewals Keep You Up to Date with Ad Search Tools and Other Methods

Brand leaders need to be as up to date as possible with the latest digital trends. And these days, ad search tools are being heavily influenced by the use of AI. Like it or hate it, AI drives shopping advertisements and is impacting how consumers interact with online data.

According to Hootsuite: “26% of organizations are using AI for marketing and sales, while 22% are specifically using conversational AI or virtual assistants.” Therefore, achieving your annual search ad certificate will likely involve some form of enhanced AI technology. It’s not just us marketers driving the trend. Over half of IT departments are also using the technology. But AI is just one tech tool on the horizon that brands must stay on top of if they want to remain competitive.

Select Requirements That Match Your Clients’ Needs

Getting certified in your field does require a bit of effort, so it’s worth it to review your options. Individual team members will need to choose a course and perform a set of exercises based on their familiarity with the content provided. The platform may ask you to prepare for an exam and complete a test online.

Three reliable and comprehensive certification programs for marketers include:

LinkedIn Certifications

LinkedIn just celebrated its 20-year anniversary as a businesses-centered social media platform. The website also provides several great online certification programs for marketers:

  1. Fundamentals of Marketing
  2. Content & Creative Design
  3. Marketing Strategy

This gives prospective business partners confidence that you’re ready to launch a successful ad campaign by optimizing targeting and reporting tools on LinkedIn.

Hubspot Certification

Businesses subscribe to Hubspot to access a broad range of specialties for every department. Getting your team members certified through Hubspot shows that you possess expertise in areas ranging from online advertising to content and app development.

Google Certification

As a certified Google partner, certain steps are required annually to keep your certification active. As part of this year’s renewal, marketers are learning to employ AI-powered technology to improve their brand’s ad experience. Once you are an official partner, Google may reach out to solicit feedback to help them refine their tools, as well.

Connections Marketing Is a Trusted Partner with Certifications in Digital Marketing

There are countless certifications to account for any number of professional skills and abilities. But technology and digital marketing move at a faster pace than just about any other area of expertise. When you – or an experienced marketing partner – take ownership by renewing your certifications, you avoid relying on outdated ad strategies that could put your brand in jeopardy.

Connections Marketing just celebrated our 14th year of providing excellence in the field of digital marketing. One way we guarantee the highest of standards is by providing ongoing training in order to renew our advertising certifications, as well as to ensure our most relevant skills are up to date.

Contact us to discuss how we can resolve your marketing needs today.

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