What Are Your Customers’ Pain Points and How Do You Find Them

Disappointed customer giving low rating.
Written by: Connections Marketing

At its heart, marketing is about problem-solving. Figuring out customers’ pain points is central to just about any marketing solution you will create for a customer or client. And by pain point, we are referring to any problems or obstacles that current and prospective customers tend to experience at any point in the marketplace. No matter how minor, these things add up and eventually slow growth, which is why it’s so vital to find them.

Discovering customer pain points will eventually impact both your sales and marketing strategy. Resolving them enables marketing teams and the brands they represent to take steps toward improving the overall customer experience. Finally, sales teams and other important stakeholders can use your newfound data to tailor ideas and present their offerings as the best solution for their target audience.

Examples of Customer Pain Points, from Cost to Checkout

Both online and offline shoppers may face all kinds of problems at any point, from first checking out an ad online to buying the item at checkout. We get specific about point points so that we can eliminate them or make the process as smooth and problem-free as possible. A marketer’s objective should be to give them what they want, at an acceptable cost, in terms that are clear and in a format that is easy to process.

Pricing: People want to know the total cost of products and services, with no unexpected charges or hidden fees.

Lack of tracking information: One sure way to build trust is through transparency, for instance, by using a system that provides tracking information and options

Payment: Any issues related to payment – due to confusing instructions, poor infrastructure or something else – can quickly chase away otherwise loyal customers.

Technology: Even the biggest brands need to continuously keep an eye on customer pain points so they keep their ground and continue to attract more fans. When companies like Apple and Microsoft upgrade their software or operating systems, it’s often to resolve minor glitches in response to customer feedback.

So, How Do You Find a Client’s Pain Points?

Only by identifying what these are can you figure out how to position your brand or service as the right solution for them. Identifying your customers’ pain points will drive sales, as long as you take the right actions based on that information. Busy companies may need a partner to help them do that. Finding them will take connecting with customers to seek out key information through online surveys, social media outreach or other means. Here are some examples of areas for investigating financial pain points:

  1. Cost versus value. How much money customers are spending relative to what they’re getting out of a product.
  2. Timeframe. How long does a particular product or service typically last? Many customers seek to save money by investing in quality products and services. Others prefer to buy a lower quality product for a cheaper price even though they may have to repurchase later.
  3. How they are charged? Is it a one-time payment, ongoing subscription, or something else? Are there related costs to consider? You’ll need to know their preferences and why.
  4. Repeat versus one-time customers. Convenience and ease of use are factors in how people shop – and sometimes outweigh the cost itself.

Solution: Enhance Convenience and Productivity with Digital Marketing Partner

The information you glean will help inform future campaigns. Maybe your exploration has turned up an unnecessary step at checkout that can be removed, or a membership option that would address the needs of repeat customers. One of the most direct, efficient ways to engage with customers about solutions and create a more loyal following is to implement customer service that is simple, available and user-friendly.

Once you have more information about the experiences of customers (both existing and prospective), the solutions will become more apparent. To implement them properly and continuously, brands often partner with a digital marketing agency that can help you take a look at some common pain points you may have noticed in your field.

Connections Marketing has over a decade of experience helping all types of organizations achieve their goals for more future growth. As a full-service digital marketing agency, support clients in getting clear on their pain points to realize their goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve successful online marketing with the most cost-effective solutions.

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