Present Like a Pro This Year: Tech Skills You Need for Your Live Presentation

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Written by: Connections Marketing

The most important aspect of a presentation lies with the person leading it. But more consideration than ever should also go into the supporting tools for you to pull off a killer presentation without a hitch. Areas to consider include:

For a long time, just a handful of tools and technologies were available to someone making and leading a live presentation of any kind. Those days seem lightyears away in a world of continuous digital innovations. That’s good news, as it positions you to craft something amazing that can also be tailored to your brand, while providing more creative and dynamic ways to reach an audience of any size.

Manage Visual Technology & Equipment

We’re so used to using screens at home and work that this detail can get overlooked in the planning stage. How many monitors – and what type – will you need to best communicate your vision? Will the screen quality be sufficient to reach the farthest person in the room? Video is often incorporated into sales and marketing presentations nowadays, even expected by younger audiences. Every piece of visual technology should be tested and examined – along with the lighting system – to ensure your methods of communication are equipped to meet the moment.

Consider Your Control Systems

Whether you use PowerPoint or Canva, prepare to handle your presentation system while speaking before an audience. Nowadays, with multiple monitors and systems firing at once, it’s essential to consider what kind of controls will be necessary to manage all of them. Video processors, wall controllers and portable projectors are all common tools today. Maybe your laptop and a simple projection onto a blank wall is all you need. No matter the method, pay attention to the smaller details if you want to pull off your presentation seamlessly and professionally.

Use Interactive Audience Tools

The purpose of most presentations is to connect with a target audience of potential customers or clients. A wider range of tools now allows sales and marketing professionals to achieve this goal in real time. How interactive will your presentation be? Below are four types of tools that have transformed how presenters interact with audiences, both in person and remotely:

1. Apps and QR codes

These make it easier for participants to access supporting materials during and after a presentation. They can be a great way to make people feel more connected to a shared, memorable experience.

2. Polling Tools and Interactive Q&A Platforms

Want a simple way to conduct audience polls and collect data? Use a tool like Glisser for more interactive Q&A sessions with participants in real time.

3. Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones are not new, but a decent one will come in handy with larger audiences.

Ensure High-Quality Sound System

Is there anything sadder than an excellent presentation that fails to reach the audience due to inadequate visual or sound quality? Participants get distracted when they can’t entirely see or hear what they’re viewing, and even a minor bug can distract from a powerful moment.

Incorporate Superb Content to Support Everything Else

The flashiest presentation will fall flat if it isn’t supported by high-level content. Be sure to spend time refining your messaging based on industry knowledge and familiarity with your audience. Superb content supported by powerful graphics and eye-catching text and headers is also key to a successful presentation that will lead to sales.

Check the Wifi and Test Your Tools & Equipment

Will there be any remote speakers? Streaming technology and other online or cloud-based tools will only get you so far without sturdy, reliable wifi on both ends. Test every tool and app you plan to use in the physical space you’re using, not just in a familiar workspace.

Get Support from Connections Marketing, a Trusted Digital Marketing Firm

Since so much of marketing is digital these days, demonstrating tech fluency can go a long way in building trust with potential partners. It can also mean experimenting with newer tools and methods to gain a familiarity with what’s available and apply them to your benefit. Consulting with the right digital marketing partner will help ensure that every aspect of your next marketing campaign aligns with your overall brand strategy.

Reach out to Connections Marketing online to discuss how we can take your brand to the next level in the new year.

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