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Rick Rivero, Connections Marketing President & Director of Sales
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Coming from a background in Advertising Sales with a portfolio including CBS Television and Tribune Company, Rick Rivero set his sights on bringing a new level of integrity to the web development industry, and eight years ago, Connections Marketing was born.

What inspired you to start Connections Marketing?

Throughout the years when I was in Advertising Sales, many of my clients asked if I knew anyone who built websites. My reply was always, “No, but there are plenty of web companies out there,” and 90% of the time, my clients’ responses would be, “They’re not very good!”. It was obvious the industry needed a better source of web development, and I wanted to provide it in the professional way it not only required but deserved.

How do you generate sales leads?

A large percent of our leads come from our clients. They love referring us, which speaks to the quality of work that we provide. We also work with a few strategic partners who send us leads from their network.

In your opinion, why do clients choose Connections over other marketing agencies?

We are one of the only agencies that offers clients the ability to run a truly integrated marketing campaign. Many of our competitors are just a web development firm or only handle SEO. It’s difficult and not very efficient if you need to rely on 3 different vendors to execute one marketing campaign. At Connections Marketing, we not only build your website or APP, but we will be there after the site launches to help with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Search Engine Marketing. In addition, if a client needs us to design a new brochure to complement their website or would like to air ads on TV or radio, we can help with this. As a result, many clients choose to work with us as we are an Advertising Agency, not just a web development firm.

What is your best piece of advice on how to be a great leader?

Hire great people, and get out of their way. Be there when they need help or guidance, but never create a culture where your team feels restricted.

What’s your #1 Bucket List item?

I want to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef with my family.

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