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Ashley Wehrmann, Connections Marketing
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Ashley is the Creative Specialist at Connections Marketing. With over 3 years of experience within the company, she strongly leads the creative department with passion and an eye for design. No matter what you need designed, Ashley turns your vision into a reality on screen.

Why is design important?

Your website is the face of your company. Today, a good web design is necessary as user habits change and technologies reinvent themselves. Hence, a successful design needs to be modern, efficient, and user friendly. It is crucial that you invest time and money to keep your company’s brand up-to-date. Ashley states, “It’s important to invest in the creative development of your brand and any of its assets, as it is the key foundation of building a project.”

How does Ashley start her creative process?

Nothing happens overnight. Initially, Ashley reviews the client’s current site. Then she meets with the clients to understand their needs, goals and vision to ultimately guide the creative project. After exploring the client thoroughly, she can begin designing.

What type of experience do you want to give your clients?

It’s all about focusing on our client’s clients. By thinking of the end-user — the customers of our clients — we are able to deliver the best, most relatable and functional solution for them. Ashley recommends providing all users with a responsive web design. A responsive web design allows your website to adapt to any device to ensure your users have a good viewing experience, whether they are viewing from desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Today, over 80% of Internet users own a smart phone, 85% have a computer, and 51% own a tablet. As you can conclude, people are constantly on a device, so it is essential your web design is compatible to whichever device they will use when looking at your website. If you’re worried about retaining clients and attracting potential clients, be sure you are offering them the optimal user experience!

We provide our clients with the most up-to-date design requirements on popular search engines. For example, Google requires a mobile friendly site, which helps prioritize and optimize your site for the best user experience. Check to see if your site is mobile friendly.

To see some of our most recent modern responsive designs, click here.

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