Easily Convert 1 Blog Into 47 Different Types of Content

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If you’re looking to grow your email list, your social media following, or your customer base this year, repurposing your content is key. Not only does it save an incredible amount of hours in creation time, but it will allow you to get so much more out of the content that you already have – using it in new ways that your audience will be eager to digest.

#1 Revamp Your Blog Post into a Video

There are many ways you can repurpose your blog content into videos. First, consider all the avenues your audience or ideal customer might travel online. Then, decide which platforms you’ll want to pursue.

It’s important to know that a single 700 word blog can be repurposed into as little as five 60-second videos. So however you go about it, your content can reach new audiences in several different ways.

Consider these platforms when turning your blog posts into videos:


As the #1 leader for platforms utilizing video consumption, YouTube is a powerful place to be. Rework your blog post into a video, or retell the information in a candid way, and share the video on YouTube. Make sure to link back to your website and optimize your video title and description to get the most out of your video repurposing here!


If you’re looking for a fun, fast and easy way to throw together videos for FREE, check out Lumen5. Their platform makes it incredibly easy to repurpose your content (or even create new) in ways that are simple and enjoyable for viewers to digest. And if you love it as much as we do, check out their paid platform where you’ll enjoy even more goodies and organizational capabilities – perfect for managing more than one client or business.

Hint: When creating videos from your blog posts on Lumen5, break down each section of your blog and use the individual sections as videos. This will create multiple videos per blog that you can throw together in a flash!

The videos you create can be shared numerous times over the different social media platforms, used in your company newsletters, and featured on your website, just to name a few.

#2 Turn Your Blog into a Podcast

When you think of your customers and what kind of content they want from you, you want to consider of all of them. Just as some people prefer to read a 1,000-word blog post, others prefer to watch a handful of 60-second videos that cover the topics mentioned in the blog. Then, you have those that are more interested in spending 45 minutes to an hour to watch an in-depth video, webinar, or interview covering that same topic. And just when you think you’ve covered all your bases, in walks the customer that prefers to listen to their content on the go.

Podcasts are a perfect way to reach that portion of your audience, and when you’re creating a podcast episode from a repurposed blog post, the work is already done for you! All you have to do is read.

It’s important to know that simply reading your post won’t be enough though. Podcasts are conversational platforms, so you want to cover what’s written in your blog in a way that engages with your listening audience members. After all, you wouldn’t keep listening to the same morning show on the radio if the DJ simply read dryly from a script every day, would you?

Anchor = Podcasting Made Easy

Worried you’ll need special equipment, a sound-proof room, and a large budget to create a podcast? Think again. Anchor has made it possible for literally anyone to make a podcast with nothing more than their phone. The sound quality is fantastic, and the options are practically limitless. Add fun music to your intros, cut your audio files quickly and easily, and post to all the major platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and more with one click!

Bonus: Now you can share your podcast episodes on those exact same platforms you did with your repurposed videos, helping you to grow your audience that much faster.

#3 Break Down Your Blog Post Into More Detailed Blogs

Sometimes, the easiest way to come up with new content is to work with what you already have. Take this blog post for instance. It’s a derivative from our 5 Ways to Seriously Rock Your Content in 2019 blog. While that blog provided loads of detail and covered multiple avenues for rocking your content this year, there’s always more that can be expanded upon. Hence, this post.

And the great news is, when you’ve already covered a topic, diving into it further not only helps your audience understand it more, but it cuts down on your creation time as well.

Turning Your Blog Into Multiple Posts

To do this, pick a particular section or ‘theme’ within your blog post, and cover it to a much further extent in a separate blog post. So that blog with five different sections? It’s now become 5 additional blogs.

Let’s do the math!

1 blog post with 5 main sections =

1 YouTube Video

5 Lumen5 Videos

1 Podcast Episode

5 Additional Blog Posts
(which lead to…)

5 YouTube Videos

25 Lumen5 Videos

5 Podcast Episodes

So it’s easy to see how one single blog post can be repurposed into 47 additional forms of content! And with those numbers, your content calendar planning just got a whole lot easier!

Need a team of experts that can easily create those blog posts and turn them into 47 more forms of content to grow your audience? Give Connections Marketing a call today! It’s what we do.

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