The Challenge

As leaders in the self-funded health benefits industry, Paramount Consulting Group was looking to update their existing website and find solutions to help make their business more efficient. With large amounts of paperwork, their sales process wasn’t very efficient, and it was eating into their profit margins.

The Considerations

“Initially, we tried to develop an internal solution and work with local vendors, but we were not successful. We wanted to find a way to help make the lives of our sales people easier and decrease the sales cycle itself.

When we met with the team at Connections Marketing, we realized that they would be able to create a sales tool that would allow our brokers to provide quotes instantly. Before, our brokers were having to wait AN ENTIRE WEEK to get the quote back. Even though we were in Texas and they were in Chicago, the decision was clear. In order for our company to grow, we needed these tools created, and Connections was the agency that could actually get it done.”

The Concept

To help expedite their sales process, we developed a custom rater that allows their brokers to enter a client’s data and receive a quote instantly. The rater is essentially a large online calculator that allows the user to enter data comparable to how you enter your information online for an insurance quote. Throughout the process, there was much collaboration with the team at Paramount Consulting Group, especially during the verification process to ensure all calculations were correct.

The Creation

“We couldn’t have been happier with our selection of Connections Marketing. Not only was the communication seamless, but the willingness to fly down when a face-to-face meeting was required speaks volumes to their customer service.

The rater they built to generate instant quotes for self-funded insurance has helped our insurance agents close more deals this past December than in the history of our company.

We continue to work with Connections Marketing on other projects such as SEO and content creation and would recommend them to any company looking for a reputable marketing agency that will deliver on what they promise.”