The Challenge

Johnson & Quin originally tried to handle their own website development but quickly found that their in-house IT department didn’t have the skill set to produce a site with the features they wanted it to offer their users. They began searching for a web development firm that could build a website that included a wealth of flexibility and features, and they found that firm in Connections Marketing.

The Considerations

“We needed Connections to develop a new, responsive website that organized all of the services we offered into one concise site. The print industry has become extremely competitive over the past ten years, and we needed to brand ourselves as consultants. We had a ton of content, so it was important that the new website was able to still be visually appealing while maintaining all of the valuable and necessary information.”

The Concept

As a web development firm, the programmers at Connections Marketing are well-versed in all types of web design and development. We were easily able to accommodate the Johnson & Quin in developing a site that was flexible and offered the wide range of features they were looking for.

This project was very much a group effort, and the team at Johnson & Quin were very involved. There were a lot of decision makers on their side, but we were able to successfully manage the large party and in the end, everyone was happy with the finalized product.

The Creation

“The new site Connections Marketing created for us immediately allowed all of our visitors to come to the site from any device as it was now responsive. In addition, it helped us brand our firm as more than just a printing vendor. We were now viewed as consultants. And that’s precisely what we were looking to achieve.

We ended up liking the site so much that we decided to update our client portal to match! They designed the homepage and all interior pages for our portal, and now everything is consistently branded.”