The Challenge

Check Changers struggled with their Loyalty Program as the POS and Loyalty software did not communicate with one another, and that caused management of the entire program to be cumbersome.

The Considerations

“We needed our POS system to communicate with our Loyalty software, and we needed a new website as well. When we mentioned the issues we were having with the Loyalty Program, the team at Connections Marketing suggested we build an app that would act as a connector for both the Loyalty Program and our POS system.”

The Concept

We designed and developed a new website for Check Changers and built a custom app that allowed them to easier and more efficiently manage the process occurring between their POS system and their customer Loyalty Program. In addition, it allowed their users to access their points directly from the app rather than having to visit the website itself, streamlining the process for customers of Check Changers.

We created a very simple UX to ensure the lines at each location moved faster and were not held up when a customer was redeeming points.

The Creation

“Because of the app and website Connections built for us, we can now run our Loyalty Program more efficiently and foresee customers using their loyalty points more as they are able to enjoy easier access and use of them.”