The Challenge

With an expansion plan in the pipeline, CD One Price Cleaners needed to become more marketable to the public. This included an updated website that demanded first-class design and coding to drive home the professionalism of the company. It not only needed to become a standout presence on the web in the dry cleaning industry, but a way to bring knowledge to possible franchisees to ignite growth.

CD One Price Cleaners also needed an aggressive social media plan, one that would saturate the virtual world with educational, yet entertaining, content.

The Considerations

We wondered how to give clients easy access to information. One way was through a reputable site and an app that gives you information on the go.

The Concept

In order to market CD One Price Cleaners to the public we needed to create a responsive website to inform clients. This responsive website allow people to locate stores, calculate savings, or learn more about the franchisee program.

The Creation

A reputable site allows clients to navigate easily to find the information they need while learning more about a company.

We helped expand and grow CD One Price Cleaners by informing potential franchise and new customers.