The Challenge

Amata Law Office Suites was looking to develop an app for their members that allowed them to easily view and book services straight from their tablet or mobile device, saving time and effort, and allowing more time for them to concentrate on productivity.

The Considerations

“We’ve worked with the team at Connections Marketing for several years now, and when it came time that we needed an app for our Amata members, the decision was easy to make. We asked Connections to create an app for our members so they could easily work with all of the services we offer. We needed them to be able to do things like quickly book conference rooms, buy additional credits, and pay invoices, and we wanted the process to be completely streamlined for them.”

The Concept

We chose to build a virtual app rather than a native app as the features required for this project required it. Our team customized the dashboard to fit the needs of each Amata member. Considering they offer numerous services for all of their members, it was critical that each member had access to each service if they wanted to use it.

Integrating with their third party booking software was a little more complex than anticipated, but we collaborated with the software company’s development team to build a custom API so that each app could push data.

In the end, it was imperative that all admins at each Amata Law Office Suites location were comfortable with the user experience.

The Creation

“The creation of the app from Connections Marketing has allowed our staff to work much more efficiently as now our members don’t need to use their admins as much to tackle tasks that are readily available on the app.”