Is your brand advancing your mission and growing your bottom line? Does it have a clear and consistent message? It should be doing all of this and more. A brand is the vision, promise, and feeling your company instills in people based on emotions and facts. Visuals like your logo, tagline, colors, and imagery all play a part in developing your brand, but so does your brand’s voice, values, what your brand stands for, what feelings it evokes, and how it interacts with consumers. All of these things need to support each other to form a strong, memorable, and cohesive idea that will become your brand. Without it, your brand will be weak and confusing.

Branding services offered by Connections Marketing

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  • Brand identity evolution including mission, vision, and values development
  • Naming
  • Marketing collateral
  • Colors & typography
  • Brand guidelines
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Branding by the Numbers

What’s in a name

90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, making it vital for companies to choose names that evoke positive emotions

First impressions matter

It only takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo, but it takes 5-7 impressions for consumers to recognize the logo

Consistency is key

90% of consumers expect that their experience with a brand will be similar across all platforms and devices

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What is branding?

Branding takes everything that makes your brand what and who it is and forms it into a uniform impression in your customers’ mind. If your branding is well thought out and properly executed, this can be a positive impression. If you’ve never given your branding a second thought, the impression of your brand is likely disjointed, confused, and maybe even awful or not legitimate.

Branding is the personality of the business world. It is what makes your company unique, memorable, and worth visiting repeatedly… or not. Just like there are personalities out there that attract everyone, there are ones that deter. Brands are no different and your branding will make or break the public’s perception of your company’s personality.

What is the benefit of branding?

Proper branding ensures that the impression people have of your business is the one you are aiming to portray. This means being clear, consistent, and standing for something. You can’t just rely on a fancy logo and a few business cards to secure your branding. People want a voice, a stance, a promise. Branding can deliver all of this and help you create a brand that sticks in people’s mind and creates the customer loyalty that business owners crave.

How do I know if I need branding services?

As mentioned above, everyone needs branding for the success of their business. If you’ve never had it- you need it now! Don’t wait for the public to create their own perceptions without your direction.

Perhaps you’ve had some branding but aren’t quite sure if you need to revisit it. There are some questions you can ask yourself that will give you a very definitive answer. As yourself the following about your brand:

  1. Does my brand reflect my company’s vision and goals and vice versa?
  2. Can my customers and employees identify what my brand stands for?
  3. Do my brand visuals (logo, colors, imagery, etc.) inspire positive emotional reactions?
  4. Has my brand changed recently but my collateral hasn’t been updated to reflect the changes?
  5. Is my competitor’s brand outshining my brand?
  6. Are my brand visuals outdated?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of the above, let’s have a discussion about how we can help your brand flourish.

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