With 3.5 billion mobile internet users as of August 2017, responsive development has become a must in today’s on-the-move world. Websites that do not accomodate to the user’s device are in the past, or at least should be. Pinch-zooming to make text legible or horizontally scrolling from edge to edge of a site to read the content is annoying an outdated in the modern technology landscape.

Connections Marketing uses the latest and greatest technologies to accomplish the development of your responsive website or web application. From well-structured, flexible frameworks to simplified, sleek CSS (cascading style sheets) and JavaScript libraries, we employ best practices to deliver a product that sets a new standard in the world of web development.

Responsive Web Development by the Numbers

  • Better user experience – 61% of users will leave a mobile-unfriendly site
  • Increased search results – 52% of total traffic originates from mobile users
  • Increased online sales – 39% increase in 2017 from mobile-commerce

All from https://www.keyideasinfotech.com/blog/important-features-of-a-responsive-web-design/

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Why Businesses Choose CM For Responsive Web Development

Hundreds of unique projects

Our developers have worked on numerous projects over the years, here and at other agencies. They have honed their skills to become leaders in the field, producing optimized, fully-functioning websites that respond to all devices.

Unparalleled Drive

We work together as a team. Actually, more like a family. We may sometimes squabble and bicker like siblings, but our hearts are in each and every project. We’re passionate about you and your success.

Communication is Key

Development isn’t a realm in a dark room with no connection to the outside world. Our developers like the light and conversation. We work closely with our designers and project leads to ensure ideas and inspirations flow continuously to a deliverable that is beyond your satisfaction.


What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a site that has been coded to look and function properly across any given device. It is one site, not different versions of a site. A responsive website uses media queries to set breakpoints at different browser widths, which allows for control over all elements on the page. Front-end developers will set breakpoints to do a number of things, including changing font sizes, relocating images, or removing entire blocks of content depending on the user experience they wish to accomplish.

Does having a responsive website help in any other way than making it look good on my phone?

When it first came about, no. Responsive was implemented mainly for aesthetic appeal. However, recently Google has valued responsive websites higher than fixed-width websites. This means by just having a responsive site, search engines will notice this and your business will climb the ladder of search results over those that are not responsive.

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