Hard-coded websites are a relic of the past. Modern day web development is no longer done in static HTML files. The Content Management System (CMS) is 100% where the web world resides. A CMS enables creating and editing content through easy to use WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors, which is then stored in a database, making user management of a website a piece of cake.

The same is true for modern day commerce. The shift from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce sales is astronomical. According to Shopify, 2017 reached nearly $2.3 trillion in sales, and 2021 is expected to hit $4.5 trillion1.

Connections Marketing has worked with a myriad of different CMS’ and e-commerce systems. From PHP to .NET, WordPress to Umbraco, Woocommerce to Merchello. We pride ourselves in the broad array of frameworks we utilize to create your online presence.

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