Alex’s love for all things communications started several years ago. He joined and created multiple “Director of Communications” positions in high school clubs and continued doing so in college. Each semester he was on a new board or committee, making campus-wide messages.

With his enthusiasm and dedication, Alex joins the team at Connections Marketing as a Digital and Social Media Marketing Intern.

Connections Marketing Intern

Why are you studying communications?

Communication is the first step of anything. Do you want to get brunch? You have to text your friend. How about changing lanes on a highway? Well, your indicators inform others of that decision.

Communication truly is a formless magic that can lead to anything. Who wouldn’t want to know more?

That is why I enrolled at Bradley University. At Bradley, I have learned how to more effectively communicate with people. We learn the countless theories and philosophies behind communication.

As such, my interest and love for communications has only increased.

What are you excited to learn about Connections Marketing?

You know the biggest, scariest word I can think of is ‘deadline’. I fall into the mindset of “it can be better with a little more time”. In reality, it’s simply not true. At some point, you will run in circles producing nothing new and wasting time.

With Connections, I will learn how to increase my speed and quality. Connections Marketing is my forge, and the work is the hammer and anvil that form me into an unbreakable tool of communication.

It’s the first agency experience I will have, and I am incredibly excited to learn this and more.

What’s a perfect Saturday look like to you?

First, you have to start with brunch. It’s the best meal of the day. I am partial to anything in the realm of toast. Put avocado, eggs, sour cream, or the like on toast, and I might try it.

From there, I like to go for a walk and talk in an interesting environment. The environment can be a museum or a mall. It’s just a backdrop for interesting conversation. Taking a small nap at some point is always nice.

To end the day, I will do some dancing. Personally, I love swing dancing, but anything will do. It’s a simple Saturday but my kinda Saturday.

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