We've been called geeks,

and we're really okay with it.

Online presence is a must
in the technology age.

If you don’t believe it, try this on for size: Annual online retail sales is over $2 trillion! That’s a lot of Benjamins floating around. And although we create beautifully clean and crisp application designs, that leaves us with just a picture. It’s Frankenstein’s Monster without the sudden jolt of life. Our in-house programmers live and breathe code. They revel in the opportunity to bring to life the picture. Exercise for them is judged on the number of lines of code written within an hour. They are geeks.

Analysis & Assessment

It’s a crucial step that is kept in mind throughout the process. Understanding your business helps us build a site or application that not only follows your mission, but flows from page to page like the latest bestselling novel. Call-to-actions, user-pathways. It’s all there to encourage more interaction. And the code behind the beauty must encompass the most up-to-date resources.


Content Management

Hard-coding a website or application has gone the way of the dinosaur. No one wants to have a site they can’t keep up-to-date. Coding content into HTML files in no way offers ease-of-use to the client. Cue the Content Management System (CMS). Our programmers are experts in a plethora of CMS’s, and those that we aren’t, we are already in the process of learning.


Database Structure

Let’s say it like this: Databases are glorious! Think of the enormous Excel spreadsheets you once used (and possibly still do for family holiday lists). Think of the small file sizes. Databases are exactly that, a grouping of tables and columns with information stored on servers being pulled into web pages at the click of a button. Our programmers are knee-deep in database structures every day.


Information Architecture (IA)

Our builds don’t just leave the creative team to never be heard from again. They aren’t lost in CSS and PHP. jQuery doesn’t reign supreme. Well, sometimes it does. That’s just a basic fact. But we have a different way of doing things. Our development team knows how to make things come alive, but our creatives are the inventors. And nothing works quite as well as collaboration. Throughout, ideas and inspirations abound as both design and code meet to set the flow of a site. Everything from navigation and page wireframes to small, yet important, details of button hovers. Nothing is out of bounds.



What is there to say about coding? At a low-level, it’s the guts that makes your website or application work. At a high-level, non-programmers will probably fall asleep. Our development team is excited, nonetheless. From database structuring to front-end styling, we run the gamut when it comes to code. Depending on your needs, we’ll determine servers, languages, CMS’s. The list goes on. And we enjoy every moment.


User Experience

Basically, everything comes down to UX. More than the client’s dream. More than our creatives’ designs or developers code. If it doesn’t relate to the user, it hasn’t done it’s job. We pride ourselves on communication, whether that’s through design and code, or verbally with you. We’ll figure out a UX that brings your company into the forefront of the industry you’re in.



It’s all creative, isn’t it? Web design, business identity, copywriting… In our agency, it all starts with innovative ideas sparked by our creative minds.


Development isn’t just our programmers and coding. It’s a collaborative effort that includes our design team to build a UX second to none. And coding. There’s definitely top-notch coding.

Online Marketing

Web, email and social media marketing boils down to one thing: Promotion. Building brand familiarity and increasing sales are the goals of any business. Let us make you the poster child of your industry.

Media Strategy

Traditional media still has a role in today’s promotional world. And communicating your message to that world can build a familiarity with your customers. So shout loud, and get your name out there.

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